Kingston, Massachusetts: Notes & Queries on Tools and Tool Manufacturers


Greg Anstey. Ship Caulkers Dumb Irons

David L. Belding. Kingston's Stony Brook

Tom Dorsey. C. DREW Marlin Spikes

Jan Guidoboni. West Coast Distribution of C. DREW Tools

Jack Erikson. Eagle Claw Quahog Rakes

Tim Erwin. Dorchester Shipyard Recollections

Ray Larsen. C. DREW Artillery Fuse Wrenches

Ray Larsen. C. DREW Eel Fishing Spears

Andrew Pollock. C. Drew & Co. Aerial View

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Bung Cutter

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Coppering Hammer

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Logging Tool

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Masons' Brick Hammer

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Pin Maul

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Ripping Hammers

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Shipping Boxes

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW Tack Hammer

Andrew Pollock. C. DREW's "Cat's Paw" Trademark

Andrew Pollock. John Gray: Kingston Edged-Tool Maker

Andrew Pollock. Rare C. DREW Wood Chisel Set

Andrew Pollock. Wooden C. DREW & Co. Display Stand for Cold Chisels

Kevin Riley. C. DREW Caulking Mallets

Darrell Six. Caulking Tools in the Pacific Northwest

Robert Stevens. Treenail Irons


George Short C. DREW Tool Photos


Des Pawson. C. DREW Marlin Spike Questions

Andrew Pollock. Date of Charles H. Drew's Talk?

Andrew Pollock. Who Designed C. DREW Cat's Paw Logo?

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