Collectors Price Guide to C. DREW & Co. Tools

Compiled by Andrew W. Pollock III

Welcome to the Collectors Price Guide to antique C. DREW & Co. (of Kingston, Massachusetts) tools.

The prices listed below are not intended to be definitive, but are based on the compiler's experience and instinct after having completed more than five years of active collecting. Prices are intended to be for tools in nice condition with little if any rust or damage. The mark C. DREW or C. DREW & Co. must be visible. In cases where tools have wooden handles, the handles should be firmly attached to the metal components.

Special thanks are extended to Ray Larsen for pricing information on several items.

This page was last updated in 2006.

C. DREW & Co. tools:

Augers. Refered to by the manufacturer as "ship treenail augers." Sizes from No. 2 (1/2" diameter) through No. 10 (2-1/2") and No. 12 (3"), have been seen by the compiler. $15.00+

Caulking (or Calking) irons: Straight or bent, with or without crease. $25.00+; New: $35.00+. Extra-wide caulking iron (3-1/4"): $30.00+; New: $40.00+. Clearing or reefing irons $25.00+. Deck or dumb irons. $25.00+. Butt irons. $30.00+; New: 40.00+. Spike irons. $30.00+. Reefing hooks. $60.00+. Boot irons. $75.00+. Hawsing irons. $150.00+.

Caulking mallets. Live oak, mesquite, or red wood. $135.00+.

Marlin Spikes (all types). 6 to 10 inches. $17.00+. 11 to 15 inches. $20.00+. 16 to 25 inches. $30.00. 30 (or more) inches. $50.00+.

Sailmakers prickers. $25.00+.

Coppering hammers. $60.00+

Box scrapers. $35.00+

Coopers hoop drivers. $35.00+

Mechanics/Machinists metal punches and chisels. $10.00+

Woodworking chisels (all steel). $15.00+

Floor and tile chisels. $15.00+

Slate rippers and shingle irons. $20.00+

Box chisels and crate openers. $15.00+

Masons brick hammers. $30.00+

Hay hooks and wharf hooks. $7.50+

Cat's Paws. $10.00+

Mechanics wrenches. $5.00+

Eel fishing spear head. $150.00+

Artillery fuse wrenches (for military use). $50.00+

C. DREW & CO. Merchandise catalogues (prior to 1940): $30.00-100.00; (after 1940): $10.00-30.00. Reprints of catalogue #34: $10.00.

Tools made by other Kingston, MA manufacturers:

N. BAILEY (Nahum Bailey): Augers only. Early type (octagonal or chamfered square shaft). $40.00+. Factory type (round shaft). $15.00+. Sizes No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, an 10 (ranging from 1/2" to 2-1/2" diameter) have been seen, Presumably sizes 7 and 9 are rare if they exist.

D. BISBEE (Daniel Bisbee): Augers (common). Sizes No. 2 (1/2 inch diameter) through No. 7 (1-3/4 inch diameter) have been seen. $15.00+. Hog hooks. Only one has been seen. $50.00+

T. CUSHMAN or CUSHMAN (Thomas Cushman). Augers only (scarce; six seen, various sizes). $25.00+

WASHBURN (John Washburn). Augers (Rare). One reported. $100.00+

JW (presumably John Washburn, but not yet attestable as to having been made in Kingston). Augers only (Rare; only one seen). $60.00+

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