Kingston, Massachusetts: Tool Manufacturer Timeline

1755. Jeremiah Samson, manufacturer of wooden planes in Kingston, is born in Plympton on December 15.

1764. John Washburn, credited with being one of the first manufacturers of screw augers in the United States, is born.

1772. Jeremiah Samson is apprenticed to Simeon Doggett of Middleboro.

1775. Daniel Bisbee, auger manufacturer, is born.

1781. Thomas Cushman, auger manufacturer, is born.

1793. Nahum Bailey, auger manufacturer, is born.

1801. John Washburn dies.

1805. Seth Drew, Thomas Cushman, and Seth Washburn establish an iron works at Stony Brook in Kingston (Stony Brook Iron Works) for the manufacture ship tools and supplies.

1810. Daniel Bisbee establishes an auger works at Trout (a.k.a. Furnace) Brook.

1815. Thomas Cushman sells his share in the Stony Brook Iron Works to Nahum Bailey, and then establishes an auger works on Smelt Brook. Prior to his partnership at the Stony Brook Iron Works, Bailey had manufactured augers in a small shop located on the Boston Road.

1815. Christopher Prince Drew, founder of C. DREW & CO. is born on June 27.

1822. Seth Drew, III, an auger maker at C. DREW & CO., is born.

1830. Jeremiah Samson dies in Kingston on September 23.

1837. C. DREW & CO. is established at Stony Brook by Christopher Prince Drew and Thomas Bailey. Deacon Seth Drew, father of Christopher, provides financing for the new company.

1840s-1850s (dates?). John Gray is said to have manufactured chisels, axes, and other edged tools in Kingston during this era.

1843. Seth Drew, brother of Christopher Prince Drew, becomes a partner in C. DREW & CO.

1844. Daniel Bisbee's auger works at Trout (Furnace) Brook closes.

1846. Thomas Cushman's auger works at Smelt Brook closes.

1853. Thomas Cushman dies on December 22.

1854. Deacon Seth Drew, father of Christopher P. Drew, dies. Christopher's brother Job Drew becomes a partner in the firm soon after.

1854. C. DREW factory burns down, but a new factory is soon built for the company on the same foundations.

1866. Nahum Bailey retires from auger making, and sells his share of the Stony Brook Iron Works to Caleb Bates.

1868. Thomas Bailey, a founder and one of the original partners of C. DREW, dies.

1876. Nahum Bailey dies.

1877. Charles H. Drew, becomes a partner at C. DREW.

1879. Lemuel R. Ford becomes a partner at C. DREW.

1882. Lemuel R. Ford purchases Christopher P. Drew's interest in C. DREW & CO.

1882. Edgar Reed & Thomas Prince establish a tack and rivet making business in part of the C. DREW factory. The firm of Reed & Prince later moves to Worcester, MA.

1900. Seth Drew, a partner at C. DREW, dies. Charles H. Drew and Lemuel R. Ford remain as equal partners.

1905. Clarence Drew, son of Charles H. Drew, joins C. DREW.

1907. Christopher Prince Drew, a founder and one of the original partners of C. DREW, dies.

1915. Lemuel R. Ford, who became a partner at C. DREW in 1879, dies.

1931. C. DREW & CO. is incorporated.

1970. C. DREW & CO. is acquired by the Kingston Tool Company, Inc.

1980. The C. DREW building is destroyed by fire on December 27.

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