Numismatic Associations & Societies

American Israel Numismatic Association.

American Medallic Sculpture Association.

American Numismatic Association. One of the largest numismatic organizations in the world in terms of membership.

American Numismatic Society.

American Political Items Collectors.

Barber Coin Collectors' Society

British Art Medal Society.

British Numismatic Society.

Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers.

Canadian Association of Token Collectors

Canadian Numismatic Association.

Canadian Numismatic Research Society.

Canadian Paper Money Society.

Colonial Coin Collectors Club.

CONECA (error collectors group).

Early American Coppers.


John Reich Collectors Society. *

Liberty Seated Collectors Club.

Medal Collector's of America.

Numismatic Bibliomania Society.

Orders and Medals Research Society.

Orders and Medals Society of America.

Oriental Numismatic Society.

Professional Numismatists Guild.

Royal Numismatic Society.

Society of Paper Money Collectors.

Southern Gold Society.

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