Liberty Seated Collectors Club.

The Liberty Seated Collectors Club is a group of collectors and dealers dedicated to the study and attribution of the silver Liberty Seated coinage of the 19th century. The Gobrecht Journal is the official publication of the club and it is published three times each year.

The Gobrecht Journal contains original manuscripts on the Liberty Seated coinage from the half dime to the Trade dollar. Articles discuss the rarity of specific dates and varieties in each of the series, some identify the obverse and reverse die pairs used to strike particular issues while others give information on the authentication of specific dates in the series. The history of the 19th century as it relates to Seated coinage is the topic of some articles while others list the contents of some of the famous collections of Seated coinage. Some articles will discuss the minting process and attempts are made to describe how some unusual pieces were produced at the mint. Members are encouraged to describe their personal experiences while collecting Seated coinage and articles frequently indicate which issues are overrated or underrated in relation to current retail prices.

Each issue of the journal will contain something on each of the Seated series and it will contain articles on a wide variety of topics. There should be many articles in the journal that would appeal to any collector or dealer with an interest in knowing more about Liberty Seated coinage.

Sample Articles:

Below are links to two articles that were published in a recent issue of the Gobrecht Journal. These articles are typical of the work that the club has done over the years. This material would probably be of interest to just about any individual who would be likely to join the club.

What are the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins? (Adobe Acrobat pdf file)

An Analysis for Carson City Seated Dollar Sets (Adobe Acrobat pdf file)

Liberty Seated Collectors Club