Buell Ish

I am currently working on two areas of research. I am interested in personal opinions and information on these topics as well as help finding related information in the literature.

My topics (both relating to New Jersey coppers) are:

1. The nature of the die damage that caused the Maris 77 die to become what has been called Maris 77 1/2. Also the damage that in turn resulted in what has been called Maris 78. Thoughts on what sort of damage these coins show and how it was caused is eagerly sought.

2. Were the rims of New Jersey coppers upset prior to striking? I see evidence in a few coins that this might have been done. Did the colonial mints have such equipment? What do people think in general on this topic? Where in the literature can I find information on this topic?

Researcher's email: "Buell Ish" <buell@vectrafitness.com>

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