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Spanish is not a difficult language to learn, but we know from experience that many of you who like to collect cobs and coins from Spain and its New World colonies simply do not have the time to sit down and learn another language. Yet without SOME basic knowledge of Spanish many of the best books, articles, online sources and catalogues on these coins will remain inaccessible. This  "translator" will put the user light years ahead of other beginning or veteran students of Spanish Colonial coins, giving him or her access to the treasuries of information to be extracted from previously inaccessible sources. Internet web sites, documents, manuscripts, books, catalogs and more, produced in the language native to this study may now be searched for valuable details concerning our common interest: cobs...macuquinas! The book includes  terms that are not only narrowly numismatic in meaning, but also pertaining to the related subjects of mining, heraldic, geography, colonial administration, trade, business and history. We've also included terminology that will give you a kind of "survival guide" to doing business in Spanish. You will learn the key terms needed for buying and selling at auction.

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