Educational Sites

\British American Banknote Company.

Canadian Coin Reference Site. "Created primarily for the novice and intermediate coin enthusiast."

Celtic Coin Index.

CoinArchives. Ancient coinage database.


Colombian Silver Cobs.

Davis: Currency & Banking in Colonial Massachusetts.

Depression Scrip.

Dollar of 1804

Early Silver Dollars.

First Spouce Gold Coins.

Irish Coins & Banknotes.

Menorah Coin Project.

The New Hampshire Currency Study Project.

Newman Numismatic Portal. Vast and growing collection of digitized books, periodicals, archival documents, and auction catalogues, together with digital-born materials.


Parthian Empire - History and Coins of Ancient Parthia.

Perspectives in Numismatics.

Peter Symes (books and articles)

Primal Trek: Ancient Chinese Charms

Reference Site for Islamic Banknotes

Sri Lanka (Coins from).

U.S. Coin Encyclopedia (by Ron Guth).

U.S. Mint Reports.

U.S. Patterns. This website is devoted to the study of experimenal pieces struck at the U.S. Mint

United States Small Size Dollar Coins and Related Items.

WildWind's DataBank of Ancient Coins.

Wooden Nickel Historical Museum.

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