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As scientist I am publishing books on hoards, coin circulation and issues in Armenian, in collaboration with my colleagues from Armenia. I inclose a announcment about our last book. Could you inform the Armenian colleagues on your server of the printing of this book. We are finishing the 4 other books (finds from Antiquity to 19th c. AD). We are looking for grants and support to print them about $ 4.000 are needed for each one. .... Georges Dpeyrot Chargé de recherche au CNRS Centre de recherche historique Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociale 54 Bd Raspail 75006 Paris.

EDITIONS MONETA A. MOUSHEGHIAN, G. DEPEYROT, Hellenistic and Roman Armenian Coinage (1st c. BC - 1st c. AD) MONETA 15, 1999, 256 pages, 8 plates. Text in English and Armenian. During the first Century BC and the beginning of the first Century AD, the Armenian Kingdom struck Silver and Bronze Coinage. The main part of the Coinage was issues of Tigranes II. He began to strike after his invasion of the Seleucid Kingdom and continued his production of coins during and after the war against Lucullus and Pompeius. His successors continued to strike, but the quantities of coins decreased. The last Armenian issues were Roman denarii of the C L CAESARES type. This book presents a new corpus of the Armenian issues of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. More than 2.500 coins are catalogued. A new chronology and a new organization of coinage are presented. The Coinage is attributed to several mints of Syria and Armenia.

Le volume 19 de la Collection Moneta est paru. Moneta 19 is published

B. Bouyon, G. Depeyrot - J.L. Desnier, Systèmes et technologie des monnaies de bronze, (4e s. avant J.-C. - 3e s. après J.-C.), Wetteren, 2000-06-23 208 pages, 4 planches.

Etude des conditions des frappes des monnaies de bronze, de l'époque ptolémaïque à la fin des bronzes romains (troisième siècle). Les besoins monétaires et le développement de nouvelles technologies (trou central des bronzes ptolémaïques) ont contraint les ateliers à une perpétuelle évolution technique. Les auteurs étudient les relations entre les espèces, les techniques et les systèmes monétaires ainsi que les conséquences des changements des alliages (inventaire des analyses de monnaies de bronze). This book is a study of the system of striking bronze coins, from the Ptolemaic period to the end of the Roman bronze coinage (3rd c. AD). The need of coins and the development of new technologies (central holes of Egyptian coins) obliged the mints to change their ways. The authors study the relations between the different coins, the techniques and the monetary systems and the consequences of the main changes in the metal of the coins (inventory of bronze coins analyses). Text in French. Information and orders: <>

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