Alexander Bykov, Ph.D

The interests of our publishing house lay in the sphere of numismatics. From 1995 we publish International Numismatic Almanac "The Coin". By this moment 8 issues of the almanac have already appeared in Russia. On its pages we publish articles of home and foreign numismatists. Here is the content of the last issue:

Andrey V. Maximov (Yaroslavl). Silver Coin Hoard of the 18th Century from the Village of Shilovo

Tatiana V. Ryasantzeva, Nikolay P. Ryasantzev (Yaroslavl). Archivist and Collector Vladimir V. Lukyanov: Pages of Biography

Edward D. Gribanov, Valentine K. Rachilin (Moscow). Paper Money Catalogue by Marat M. Gleiser

Elena Y. Mokerova (Kirov). Counterfeiters of the Region of Vyatka from the late 18th to early 20th Centuries.

Sergey V. Zverev (Moscow). Forged Money of Olonetz in the Russian North in the 1630s

Lydia I. Dobrovolskaya (St. Petersburg). Building of Hydro-Technical Constructions in Memorable Jettons of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries (Using the Materials of the Numismatic Department of the State Hermitage)

Burkov (St. Petersburg). To the Question on Establishing of the Russian Order of St. Alexander Nevsky

Gomsin (Ryasan). Two Hoards of Coins of Kufa from Yaroslavskaya Gubernia that never existed

Yury V. Klochkov (Moscow). Hoard of the 17th Century from Tver Region

Ivar Leimus (Tallinn). Russian Monetary Count System: Original or Borrowed

Alexander V. Bykov (Vologda). Russian Numismatic Literature of the Second Half of the 18th Century and Its Russian Prototype

Igor V. Shiryakov (Dmitrov). Fur Trade of Stolnik Nikiphor Voyeikov (To the Question on the Structure of Money-Market on the Threshold of the Reform of 1654-1663)

Sergey S. Levin (Moscow). "All-seeing Eye" on Medals of the Russian Empire

The articles are in Russian with a summary in English for each one. The readers of our almanac are specialists and amateurs from Russia, countries of the former USSR and some foreign countries.

A complete set of Issues 1-8 from 1995 to 2001 costs $36.

We sell the issues of the almanac also separately.

Issue 1. 84 pages // $2

Issue 2. 88 pages // $2

Issue 3. 100 pages // $2

Issue 4. 93 pages // $2

Issue 5. 170 pages // $7

Issue 6. 180 pages // $7

Issue 7. 170 pages // $7

Issue 8. 188 pages // $7

Postage is not included.

Besides we suggest the members of the society contributing their articles to "The Coin". The theme of the article can deal with any sphere of numismatics in any part of the world. The articles can be sent either in English or in Russian.

Chief editor of "The Coin": Alexander Bykov, Ph.D.

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