Andrew W. Pollock III

Researcher Andrew W. Pollock III is the author of two books: Advertisement Index to the Boston Newsletter and Massachusetts Gazette, 1704-1776 and United States Patterns and Related issues.

Advertisement Index to the Boston Newsletter and Massachusetts Gazette, 1704-1776. Heritage Books CD-ROM. 2001. This index features approximately 10,000-12,000 alphabetically-listed entries for individuals, businesses, ships, etc. incorporating historical and biographical information gleaned from an estimated 50,000-60,000 advertisements. Nearly 3,700 pp.

United States Patterns and Related Issues. 1994. Over 500 pp. This has become a standard reference book on experimental US coins issued from 1792 to circa 1979.

Pollock received a MLS degree from Simmons College in 1999, and in 2000-2001 worked as an archivist directing the operations of a small, but active, repository in south-eastern Massachusetts. He is currently gathering materials for a reference work on U.S. National Banks, 1863-1935.

Pollock has created websites on a variety of topics (all together comprising approximately 750 URLs). Collectively, these websites receive several thousand page views in a typical month. Two of the most popular are:

Numismalink Directory:

Deo est Gloria Directory of Religious Life Communities.

Other online resources created by Pollock:

Tabular Guide to United States National Banks, 1863-1935. Ongoing multi-volume series on national banks for paper money collectors, auction-catalogue writers, etc. 17 core volumes and 13 documentation volumes so far---30 total---with many more to follow. All available for free download! Publication dates so far: 2019-2021.

U.S. National Banks, 1863-1935, Data Set--Spreadsheet and Descriptive files

Index of Harvard Graduates and Attendees Mentioned in Sibley's Harvard Graduates, Volumes I Through XVIII, Classes From 1642 Through 1774

Binomial and Trinomial Index to the Auk, 1884-1940 (Ornithology).