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The Practical Book of Cobs, 20th Anniversary (4th) edition

This popular book has been out of print since 1995 and unavailable for a number of years now, so this new edition should be a most welcome addition to the market! Greatly expanded from the previous edition (more than 100 pages longer!), this 20th Anniversary edition contains a long new section on the shipwrecks that have yielded cobs over the years, complete with a foldout map and specific bibliographies for each wreck. Also, the assayer section incorporates the latest research information, with specimen photos of most of the assayers (not separated into a photo section as before).

The values in the back, of course, have been updated. What has not changed, however, is the appeal to both beginners and advanced collectors alike, as well as dealers and jewelers who work with cobs.

The Practical Book of Cobs offers readers a look at the following topics:


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